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Our Process

1 Consultation

Your journey with Eco Smart Energy Group begins from the moment you contact us, either via phone, email or our convenient online enquiry form.

You and your business are important to us and we believe in giving our clients an outstanding customer service experience from the get-go.  

One of our friendly staff will promptly respond to your enquiry and arrange a free, no obligation in home or office appointment with one of our expert Eco Smart Energy Group consultants to discuss your specific air conditioning requirements.


2 Personalised System Design

Understanding that families and businesses come in all different shapes and sizes, we pride ourselves on custom designing a system to meet all your expectations.  After building a platform of your specific air conditioning requirements, our design professionals will then engineer a personalised system to compliment your home and office.  We do this in conjunction with using premium market leading products to achieve maximum heating and cooling efficiency.

Following this consultation, we will then provide you with a detailed quotation for your consideration.

3 Scheduling Your Installation

After accepting our quotation we proceed to the next exciting step in your journey to year-round climate control.  

We understand that you lead a busy life and, with that in mind, we will work with you to find a mutually convenient installation date.  We will also inform you how long the installation will take, so that you can have the opportunity to make all of the necessary arrangements.


4 Installing Your System

The day has arrived! Our installation experts will arrive at the arranged date and time ready to install your new system.  Before commencing any work, we will introduce ourselves and brief you on the process.

As quickly and efficiently as possible, we will then install your system with the utmost care, utilising our exceptional attention to detail.  At Eco Smart Energy Group we want our systems to both look and work at their very best, and this is ensured by our professional installation process.

Once we have completed our Quality and Performance Inspection we will show you how to operate the system to achieve its maximum performance and efficiencies as well as answer any other questions you may have before removing all rubbish from your property.


5 Post Installation

Now that your installation is complete, all that is left is for you is to sit back and enjoy all the comforts of your expertly installed, Eco Smart Energy Group system.

If you have signed up to our service and preventative maintenance package you will also be contacted through the year by our friendly staff to you to schedule a performance inspection for you system.

Contact us to begin your Eco Smart journey today.


In this age of soaring energy costs and environmental concerns, it is essential that you have an air conditioning system that is practical, efficient and custom-designed for your specific needs. At Eco Smart Energy Group we are committed to providing high quality air conditioners that are affordable, energy efficient and smart in appearance. Get Eco Smart, today.

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