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With a range of brands to choose from, we can find the perfect ducted Reverse Cycle Air conditioning system for you.

When we install one of our ducted refrigerated air conditioners, you can be assured that you will be getting one of the most efficient, highest quality and affordable systems available in the market today.

Life’s a Breeze

Fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are exceptionally easy to use. With just the touch of a button, you can instantly enjoy climate-controlled comfort. Whether you need relief from a blistering Adelaide heat-wave, or are looking to warm your home or office on a bitterly cold morning, our ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems will provide the perfect solution, all year round.

Neat and Discreet

Our professional design consultants will ensure that our systems will compliment the aesthetics of your home or office. We have an extensive range of products to suit all applications ranging from a creative architecturally designed home to a small everyday office. It is important for us that the aesthetics of your home are not compromised.

Get In the Zone

At Eco Smart Energy Group we choose to only install premium custom designed variable air flow zoning systems that give you the ability to achieve precise climate control at your finger tips. At the simple press of a button our variable air flow zoning systems will give you the ability to control the perfect amount of airflow going to each zone to accommodate your specific heating and cooling requirements.
This feature is extremely beneficial for baby’s rooms where comfort levels are very important. The change of seasons from summer to winter is also another time where you may adjust your airflow requirements as some excess airflow during a hot Adelaide summer can be very comforting it can also create a stuffy and uncomfortable environment during winter.
Be sure to ask us about this amazing feature and how we will incorporate it into the design of your new system.

In this age of soaring energy costs and environmental concerns, it is essential that you have an air conditioning system that is practical, efficient and custom-designed for your specific needs. At Eco Smart Energy Group we are committed to providing high quality air conditioners that are affordable, energy efficient and smart in appearance. Get Eco Smart, today.

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